Consider Me Confused was released on January 28, 2022 and is my 5th single. This is an anti-love anthem that is both symbolic and empowering. From the first notes that ring out on the guitar, the listener is hit with a sexy, gritty, intense punch of emotion. The haunting quality of the vocals perfectly conveys the story of a manic lover infatuated by her muse. A vulnerability of lyrics and voice surfaces in the bridge, toppling the towers of strength that pervade every verse. The song represents the broken promises and illusions given to those of us who walk to the ends of the Earth for the ones we love. I wrote the song in Nashville with 2-time #1 hit songwriter and producer Paul Sikes.


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Peekaboo is a dreamy love story told through a retro futuristic lens. It reveals that a love so neon and technicolor can't exist without darkness and illustrates the conflict of a love that is only sometimes requited. It balances this complex emotion through a contrast in both production and in the lyrics, which are equal parts lullaby-like and rhythmically pulsing. The dusky, twilight feel of the production lends itself perfectly to the hazy musings of the vocals.